Puppy Training

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time!  

There is so much to think about.  So much advice from family, friends, social media and the internet can be really confusing.

Even before you bring your puppy home there’s so much to buy, decisions to make, things to prepare for…

Download my FREE Completely Mutz New Puppy Guide for my top tips on setting you and your puppy up to a GREAT START! 

"When can I start training my puppy?"

Puppy Training can start as early as you like, as soon as you bring your puppy home.  

As my online puppy training programmes start at home, you don’t need to wait until your puppy has had their final vaccinations.  

Learning kind and fun training methods early on in your puppy’s life gives you a great head start and can help you prevent common puppy problems before they arise. 

"Trudi is a brilliant trainer, very knowledgeable...
She’s been very approachable too, happy to be contacted in between sessions for advice, and provides access to online videos to help in between sessions..."