Puppy Training

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time!  

There is so much to think about.  So much advice from family, friends, social media and the internet can be really confusing.

Even before you bring your puppy home there’s so much to buy, decisions to make, things to prepare for…

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In-person One to One training

Get off to the best start with your puppy by booking a one to one training programme with me.

All my one to one training starts at home or in the garden giving your puppy the best chance to learn new skills.

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One to One training over Zoom! 

Don’t worry if you’re outside of my area, you can still benefit from one to one training with me over Zoom.  

Zoom can be great for one to one puppy training.

Puppies can get super excited with new visitors, the puppy trainer arriving can cause some puppies to be giddy with excitement.

More cautious puppies may feel a little nervous.    

Zoom training sessions can help you start your training session with a calm puppy.    

You're giving your puppy a great opportunity to focus on you and the training!  

Alternatively you can buy and enrol on one of my online training courses.

"When can I start training my puppy?"

Puppy Training can start as early as you like, as soon as you bring your puppy home.  

As my puppy training programs start at home, you don’t need to wait until your puppy has had their final vaccinations.  

Learning kind and fun training methods early on in your puppy’s life gives you a great head start and can help you prevent common puppy problems before they arise. 

my puppy training programmes

My Platinum one to one puppy training programme is an 8 session programme. Over 8 sessions we'd typically cover all of the following.

You'll learn how to teach your puppy to

Settle Down
Focus on you
Come when called - Recall
Walk nicely on the lead
Leave it
Home Alone training 

With a one to one program we can also tailor your training sessions to cover any other puppy problems or training challenges you might have.  

Some examples are

Jumping up!
Puppy biting and mouthing
Over excitability around children or visitors
Problems with toilet training
Car travel
Stealing items and running off
Nighttime anxiety
Crate training
Learning to cope with being home alone… 

As a one to one client you will have access to my extensive online library of video training clips, tutorials and pdf files which back up the training we cover in the one to one sessions.  

The videos are fully scripted so if, like me, you find reading information easier than watching a video we’ve got you covered!  

The online library makes it easy to share what and how you are training your puppy with other family members so they can also see how the training works.

You get to dip in and out of the online content as much as you like.

There’s a huge amount of additional help, tips, training videos and information which will help you as your puppy grows and develops into an adolescent. 

"Trudi is a brilliant trainer, very knowledgeable...
She’s been very approachable too, happy to be contacted in between sessions for advice, and provides access to online videos to help in between sessions..."

ongoing support

As a one to one client you also have WhatsApp support from me over the course of the programme.  

You can message me in between sessions should you have any questions or run into any problems.  

Think of it like having a puppy trainer in your pocket.  

It’s important to me that you feel confident in training your puppy.  

WhatsApp is great for sharing videos and I love receiving video updates from my clients.  

With WhatsApp support from me you can quickly get on top of any little problems or challenges as they arise. 

how to contact me...

Click on BOOK A CALL to schedule a FREE call with me to chat about your puppy and booking a puppy training programme!

I look forward to speaking to you soon and working with you and your puppy!

Trudi at Completely Mutz