Completely Mutz Total Recall

Would you like your dog to come back to you when you call them?

Be more confident that you can let your dog off the lead without them disappearing over the horizon?

Have your dog pay more attention to you on walks?

The Completely Mutz Total Recall course takes you through the steps of training your dog a great recall!

Simple step by step videos and lots of additional tips and tricks to keep your dog engaged with you on walks!

Course Summary

Total Recall is a self study online course that walks you step by step through training a great recall – a reflex response recall, something that happens without your dog even thinking about it! 

You’ll learn how to make YOUR recall the START of the fun stuff, not the END of the fun stuff 

You’ll learn the foundation skills for teaching a Reflex Response Recall 

You’ll learn some fun recall games to help your dog engage with YOU and want to stick around when you’re out on walks 

You’ll learn some fun focus games to play indoors and outdoors to boost your dog’s focus on YOU 

Completely Mutz Total Recall takes you step by step through teaching your dog the foundation skills for a great recall 

Video tutorials with text scripts so you can watch or read through each lesson

Watch each lesson as many times as you like 

Fun interactive class exercises for you to join in with your dog

Lots of extra games and tips for having fun with your dog whilst training a great recall 

Course Curriculum

Trudi Sheridan

build a great relationship with your dog through trust, understanding and FUN!

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  • Completely Mutz Total Recall
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    Total Recall online self study

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Caroline and Kes

July 2022

We LOVED this course Really easy and fun to follow Thank you!!