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About Me

I'm Completely Mutz, aka Trudi Sheridan, a Clever Dog Company Method licensed trainer based in Georgeham, North Devon

Having owned, loved and trained dogs since I was a child, I'm passionate about helping owners build a great relationship with their dogs, to enjoy every moment they have with them throughout their lives

I was born into a family with a young border collie Susie. She was my first best friend and started my life long passion for dogs, dog training, and an interest in understanding dog behaviour and our relationship with man, and woman's best friend!

Three border collies... Bryn, Caiti, Midge; a terrier cross Cindy; a charismatic white boxer Casper, and a rescued elderly Belgian Shepherd Fifi followed, each teaching me new things about the wonderful world of dogs, and the human dog relationship

Nowadays I'm the very proud owner of Reggie, our staffie cross who we adopted from the Dogs Trust at 7 months

With previous experience of training puppies at weekly puppy classes, and training rescue dogs at a local rehoming centre, I qualified to train as a Clever Dog Company Method licensed trainer

I'm currently studying for a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training, and regularly attend courses, seminars and workshops to keep up to date with the science and developments in dog training and behaviour

I volunteer at our local Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre on a weekly basis, where I train rescue dogs while they're waiting to be adopted by their 'forever' family

I feel passionately about helping owners understand their dogs better, to build a life long bond and to enjoy every moment that they have with them

I train using only modern, positive and kind methods that work, and in accordance with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK) Code of Practice

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