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How to help your dog cope with firework season!

Plan ahead… put a big notice on the fridge to remind yourself to do these things to help your dog during the firework season


Always keep your dog indoors when fireworks are being let off

Walk earlier in the day before the fireworks start, keep your dog on the lead if there’s a chance fireworks might be let off

Feed your dog early, before fireworks are likely to start – once they start he may be too anxious to eat

Take your dog out to go to the toilet before the fireworks start.  To be safe, go out to the garden with him, and keep him on the lead while he goes

Close the curtains to black out any flashing lights from outside


Make a safe den for your dog go to if he feels scared – a covered crate, or under a table, the bed, make it comfy with his bedding and toys


Keep all the doors closed so your dog can’t bolt out of the house.  Make sure everyone in the house, including visitors or babysitters know to keep the doors closed and not to let the dog out – put a big notice on the doors!


Make sure the water bowl is full, your dog is likely to drink more when he’s worried


Put the TV or radio on to help muffle the sound – I use therapy music for dogs which I download from Apple Music


Make sure your dog is microchipped and your information is up to date so your dog can be returned to you if he is scared by fireworks and runs off


By law your dog should be wearing an ID tag with your name and postcode, if your phone number is on the tag someone can contact you quickly if they find your dog

Some dogs are really sensitive to loud noises, and get very anxious

If your dog is anxious, let him pace about, whine and hide in a corner if he wants to. Once he’s found a safe space try not to disturb him even if he’s crammed under a chair and hasn’t chosen the ‘den’ you’ve made him


It’s difficult when it’s obvious your dog is stressed, but try not to let him know you’re worried.  Stay calm and relaxed, act normally and give him lots of praise for calm behaviour. Cuddles are fine if it helps him relax, but if he prefers to hide under a chair, don’t be upset - let him do this instead


If you have to leave your dog during firework season and come home to find he’s been destructive or messed on the floor, don’t get angry, it will only make your dog more stressed


There are many calming products available that can help – Adaptil or Pet Remedy plug in diffusers, Dorwest herbal remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Thundershirts to name a few…  you could speak to your vet, or if you’re lucky like we are in EX33, speak to Martin at Top n Tails pet shop in Braunton


If your dog is terrified of fireworks you could consider sound therapy which slowly desensitizes your dog to the noises the fireworks make

Please contact me for any advice or help

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