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Completely Mutz

Trudi Sheridan, Dog Trainer

Tailored, positive one to one training programs and online group classes for you and your dog

Positive, kind and ethical training methods for puppies, adult dogs and rescue dogs - fun methods that work!

Enjoy understanding and training your dog to build a great life long relationship

"After two training sessions with Trudi Sheridan of Completely Mutz he is a different dog… And the training is easy and fun...  Heartily recommend Trudi and her training"- Gail E


I'm Completely Mutz, aka Trudi Sheridan, a Clever Dog Company Method licensed trainer based in Georgeham, North Devon

Having owned, loved and trained dogs since I was a child, I feel passionately about helping owners understand their dogs better, to build a life long bond and to enjoy every moment that they have with them

I provide one to one training sessions, with individual focus for you and your dog, to fit with you, your family and your valuable time

I'm proud to be a Sarah Whitehead Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer. Sarah takes on only a handful of trainers each year to support her behavioural work in different regions

I train using only modern, positive and kind methods that work, and in accordance with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT UK) Code of Practice