Diamond Program

Five sessions - first session 1 hour 15 mins, followed by four 1 hour sessions


The ideal program for a puppy that is trained right from the start to fit in perfectly with your life and your family

For adult and rescue dogs, this is a great investment you can make for a happy relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime

The Diamond Program covers basic training; sit, down, leave it, wait, recall and walking nicely on the lead but we also cover learning to settle down, polite greetings, not jumping up, house manners and can cover any issues like puppy biting and mouthing, over excitability with children, problems with house training, etc

All my programs can be tailored to meet the pup and owner’s needs


Diamond Puppy

I was lucky enough to meet Bryn as an adorable 8 week pup, and to start training sessions with owner Ben very soon after.  As the one to one training takes place at home, it means we don’t have to wait for final vaccinations so we can start immediately.  As well as starting to teach Bryn an attention exercise, along with sit and down in the very first session, we discussed how to deal with his biting and mouthing, how to encourage him to go outside to toilet, and advised on socialisation; getting Bryn used to all sorts of new people and environments.  Bryn picked up the training very quickly, after a few sessions we were practising recalls on the beach!