Diamond Plus Beach Dog Program

10 sessions, first session 1hr 15 mins, remaining sessions 1 hour - £400

A trip to the beach with your four legged friend can be a wonderful experience, but for some if can be a complete nightmare!

There's so much fun to be had chasing dogs, kids and seagulls

Holes to dig, picnics to nick, interesting and indigestible objects to eat on the shoreline

Sound familiar?  Completely Mutz Dog Training offers a bespoke beach training program for your dog - 10 session program of one to one sessions, starting with the 5 session Diamond Program to learn and perfect the basics, progressing to 5 sessions outdoors and on the beach

The Perfect Beach Dog...

"Trudi came to help with my four year old Golden Retriever who had become a liability on the beach stealing picnics, not to mention ice creams from unsuspecting toddlers.  His response to the training was amazingly fast and the sessions with Trudi were fun and constructive.  With the clicker and a few tips (and quantities of cheesy treats), he is now reliably whistle trained, will stay at my heel rather than snatching sandwiches and is generally more connected and responsive"  - Julia