Double Diamond Program

10 sessions, first session 1hr 15 mins, remaining sessions 1 hour - £400

10 session program of one to one sessions to learn and perfect the basics, or work on specific behaviours or problems.  Program is tailored to each individual dog and owner's needs

Finn - Double Diamond Dog...

I met Finn, a lively and intelligent collie cross in June 2018


Finn was very anxious when faced with unfamiliar people and other dogs.  His anxiety resulted in a very reactive response when people or dogs got too close, he would suddenly bark and lunge at them


Finn was also very reactive whilst travelling in the car, he’d bark and lunge at the car window at pedestrians, motorbikes and other dogs


Finn’s owners booked a Double Diamond  program, 10 sessions where we worked on reducing Finn’s reactivity to unfamiliar people and dogs by teaching new calming behaviours he could adopt when out on walks


Over the course of the program Finn’s owners learned new training methods to teach Finn these new behaviours and games

We also introduced new methods to manage Finn’s reactivity, so that he and his owners could feel safer when out on walks and when travelling in the car

By the end of the program, Finn’s owners were able to take him on a family holiday to Center Parcs which they were all able to relax and enjoy

"Trudi was totally fab with our psycho dog.  Explained everything for us to go away and work on him.  He’s a much better behaved boy! " Helen R